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When you lease your property there is an expectation that the tenant will treat your property with respect and pay rent on time.  This is not always the case unfortunately. Many times when tenants vacate the property, in addition to not paying rent, the damage they caused is clear.  Further problems arise where landlords are still responsible for a mortgage, utilities, insurance, and taxes. Trujillo Law LLC has experience in evictions and judgments for damages.  Trujillo Law LLC will take care of the entire process on your behalf so you do not have to worry. 

*While the New Mexico Supreme Court has placed a stay on evictions due to COVID-19, you can still proceed so that action can be taken once the stay is lifted.  Call now.  


When you lease a property you expect a landlord to provide a home that is free from hazards to your health and safety.  You should also expect a landlord to follow the law when terminating a lease and returning a deposit.  Although you do not own the property, you do have rights under the law!    Trujillo Law LLC understands both sides of landlord/tenant law and will represent you with that advantage.  Call now to find out what can be done on your behalf.