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Every individual who obtains a mortgage in the State of New Mexico and fails to make payments afterwards is subject to the judicial system of the state.  In other words, if you do not pay your mortgage in New Mexico you will get sued by those with the money and power.


Once in foreclosure, banks and lenders will stop at almost nothing until they get the house.  It is up to you to stop them and to save what is yours.  Hire an attorney who understands the mortgage foreclosure process from both sides and will be your representative every step of the way.  Give yourself some rest knowing you’re in good hands. 


A loan modification or “loan mod” is an option to saving your home.  Obtaining a modification of your mortgage loan is a tricky process requiring a lot of documentation but can result in an end to the foreclosure, lower monthly payments, and even a lower interest rate.  Trujillo Law LLC will work with the bank or lender to modify your loan and put an end to the foreclosure for good.


If a loan modification is not available to you, Trujillo Law LLC will work to ensure that you come out of the mortgage foreclosure process in the best shape possible.  This can result in negotiated move out dates, waiver of debt after foreclosure sale, a private sale, or even some cash in your pocket.  Being in foreclosure can be very stressful and life changing, but that does not mean you that you should take a total loss.


Trujillo Law LLC offers a simple yet important thing: time.  Assert your rights, hold off the foreclosure sale, take time to gather your personal situation, and do not allow the bank to run you over.  If you are in foreclosure then you are in the court of law and the bank must now prove their case to win.  Trujillo Law LLC will be your shield.